The weather is a little hotter. The mosquitoes are coming out to make trouble. The family member wakes up in the morning with big dark circles under their eyes. Adults have no energy to go to work. Children are always sleepy in class. I see those few mosquitoes every night, flying around the house all day. They hide in the corner when the lights are on. When the lights are off, they come to bite you.

Many of you will buy a variety of mosquito repellent products. No matter what kind of product, the family’s children, pregnant and lactating women should strictly follow the instructions to use mosquito repellent products. At the same time, in purchasing mosquito repellent products, we also need to pay attention to these four chemical ingredients.

These four ingredients are mosquito repellent (recommended for children over two months of age, the concentration should not exceed 30% when purchased), pacalidine (recommended for children over two months of age), repellent ester (relatively mild and non-irritating, recommended for children over two months of age), lemon eucalyptus oil (recommended for children over three years of age).

Of course, either one of the mosquito repellent products is not safe.
The safest, most effective mosquito prevention method is the physical repellent method. Screen windows, screen doors, and electric fly swatter are also good choices.

1. Electric fly swatter precautions

The electric fly swatter is an electrically charged product. After all, please use it with caution.

It is understood that the most common Electric fly swatter on the market has three layers of the power grid, the outer grid is the same pole, and the inner grid is another pole. To turn on the electric fly swatter for high-voltage discharge, there is a certain distance between the inner and outer network electrodes. When the mosquitoes contact the internal network, between the inner and external network of stored high-voltage electrical capacitance discharge, they knock out or kill mosquitoes.

Suppose you touch the middle layer of the charged net for the standard requirements of the electric fly swatter. In that case, it is like a lighter in an electric machine to the feeling. But for not meeting the standard requirements of the Electric fly swatter, if people accidentally touch the grid, the consequences will be unimaginable!

2. Electric fly swatter purchase and use guide

1. When buying an Electric fly swatter, you must choose a formal manufacturer, marked with manufacturer information and hold a standard product certificate, do not choose to buy shoddy products.

2. In the use of Electric fly swatter, do not press the net surface with one hand and press the switch with the other, and do not use near flammable and explosive gases or liquids (insecticides or alcohol) places.

3. If there are children at home, be sure to place the Electric fly swatter in places not easily accessible to children, do not let children use the Electric fly swatter alone.

4. Electric fly swatter charging time should not exceed 15 hours.

5. Killed mosquitoes can be shaken by shaking the net to make it fall off or using a brush to clean. Do not rinse with water to prevent a short circuit.


3. Discussion

Did you purchase the electric fly swatter at your home? How is the use of the effect? Leave your comments below!